Jimmy Matlosz





Completed Feature Length Screenplays

           Available Upon Request

Short Films



An unlikely couple, he is a womanizer, she is fresh out of a relationship, experience more emotions than either has bargained for.

Familiar Spirits (Friendly Ghosts)

(short film in development)

A new teen in a small town sneaks out with a group of locals to check out a haunted house.  The teens bond over the experience and learn just how Jacked up they all are.

Stories for development

The Smith's


A skillful political assassin, who has a fear of blood,  is brought in to clean up a messy pre-election campaign.  In an act of martyrdom he exposes the deep seeded corruption that is brewing within the party.

Robot World (animated film)


A boy Robot, nurtures a Tree, which is illegal in Robot World, he is pursued by the Authorities, and must make a sacrifice to save the plant.