Jimmy Matlosz






            As a director Jimmy seeks honesty! He likes making spots believable and accessible to the masses,  no matter how outrageous or grounded in fantasy.  What he seeks is a common ground where the audience is immersed and the impossible becomes possible.  Jimmy came from a grass roots background, the school of hard knocks, where hard work pays off and you feel the grit of the earth between your teeth.  He likes using real characters, with depth and substance, and his cinematography reflects this need for making the outrageous, accessible.


            He once had a summer job picking corn, another cutting lawns and yet another pumping gas.  He has renovated two houses and he still works on his own cars.  He likes fixing his bicycle, however prefers to ride it and getting his hands dirty.  He runs, rides mountain bikes, road bikes (Fireflies West) and races against his son in cyclocross (his son usually wins), he loves snowboarding and cooking, and creating his own recipes as well.


(He has created a few of his own recipes including gringo guacamole which is amazing, and his semi-healthy pancakes and chocolate chip cookies too!)


Jimmy is a filmmaker, a storyteller, and a cinematographer who directs great spots, a bit of a swiss army man if you will.  He has the distinction, of shooting stop motion,  high speed and IMAX.  His narrative short 'The Online Date' (August 2016) gives a glimpse into his psyche' and sensibility as a filmmaker.   A rare bird indeed, unparalleled perhaps, but humble to the core.