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Heart of Glass- The true story of Saul Alcarez (Doc and Feature)

Sizzle shot


         Based on the life of world renowned glass maker Saul Alcarez, his harrowing journey from a troubled youth in Mexico, to a homeless life in Santa Barbara, CA. Meeting his soul mate, finishing college and becoming a world renown glass artist, teacher and mentor.


Last Family Christmas (Holiday – Family Drama)


         A father and son crash in a snow storm on the way to meet, the wife and daughter for their last Christmas together before the divorce, lost and stuck on a rural road, the father and son find shelter in an abandoned mansion, while the mother and daughter imagine the worst and the father and son bond and enjoy their last moments as a family before the storm ends.


A Season to Remember (Coming of Age - Comedy)


          A surfer and an insurance salesman become the unlikely coaches of a little league baseball team made up of all the kids no one wants, these two unlikely partners share a common philosophy which allows them to forge a bond and lead the most unlikely team to the playoffs.  Along the way the kids learn valuable lessons and have ‘A Season to Remember’.


How to be a Gentleman and Not get Beaten up (Coming of Age - Family Drama)


            A wounded soldier moves in with his widowed sister and her teenage son who plays Lacrosse, the soldier and the boy are at odds, but learn to bond over sportsmanship, life and death.


 It’s Only Rock n Roll (Comedy – Drama)


            A rock band are hold up in a mansion to record their sophomore album, egos, sex and drugs, and debauchery rule the day, as the band tears itself apart writing what could be their best music, but will they ever record it?


And 5 Were Hanged- (Western - Mystery)

a true story


           A lawman is brought in to investigate the murder of a local mercantile in a failing silver mining town in North Idaho in the early 1900’s, 5 young Chinese immigrants are brought up on charges, however a fair trial seems unlikely, when all 5 are discovered hung, the investigation expands to include the remaining settlers, Chinese elders and the local Native tribe.


The Forgotten War (War - Drama)

(The last battle on American soil)


In 1942, the US government received reports that as many as 4,500 Japanese Army Soldiers had landed on Attu, the last of the Aluetian Islands within the Alaskan chain. This is 1000 miles west of Anchorage. It was considered a serious threat.  The US military engaged in a full detailed defense with Airforce, Navy and Army.  There were many air-to-air battles leading up to the defense of the land, as well as ship-to-ship battles out in some of the most treacherous seas in the world.  The US deployed approximately 45,000 troops to stop the Japanese and take back the island.  Upon landing the army found themselves without an enemy, marching further and further inland through 3-6’ deep tundra, where tanks and trucks could not tread.  Supply lines ran thin, and many soldiers suffered through long cold nights and wet conditions.  The war on Attu, was the last hand to hand combat ever fought on American soil, the last ship to ship only battle, and the place where the first Zero was ever captured in tact.  The advancements learned during these battles would forever change the engineering and affect military operations have in battle, yet few Americans know about it, it is known as ‘The Forgotten War’.


Gold Diggers (Action - Adventure)


A group of hobbyist gold miners discover a huge vein of gold on their greedy boss’s property in a very remote area of Northern California, the miners find themselves on the wrong end of greed and must work together to stay alive.


Camels Back (Drama) (Ghost -The Devil’s Advocate)


A lawyer bent on being able to defend anyone, goes to bat for a murder he knows is guilty, and gets him cleared of the crime, only to find the demons that haunt him afterwards wont leave him alone.


When Lightning Strikes (Mystery -Sci-Fi) (Phenomenon – Awakenings)


A doctor studying the affects of lighting on the human condition becomes obsessed with harnessing the possibilities and puts himself in a position to be struck to examine the full affect


Magic Garden (Romance - Family Drama)


A young infertile couple, inherit an old family home, from a long lost uncle, who was quite the gardener, the couple struggling to come to terms with their relationship, find a common ground in fixing up the house, which may actually tear them apart.


Flori-Duh (Comedy) ( Dumb and Dumber- Planes Trains Automobiles)


A Florida resident with a pet Manatee, who is master of none and a fool to many, a savant with the grace of a Rhino, makes a journey across south Florida to work the polls for the next election. He sets off on a month long journey across the state touching on the many iconic bizarre places that south Florida has to offer, leaving a path of destruction behind and followed by his pet Manatee at every water crossing.


What is Love (Drama)


A married woman in an abuse marriage leaves her husband, to live with her single female friend, her estranged husband spreads a rumor that his wife is having a lesbian affair, as the conservative southern town rallies behind the abusive husband, to run the assumed to be gay woman out of town and return this man’s wife to him.



Hypnotized (Drama)


An actress learns the art of self-hypnosis, and becomes one of the revered actresses as she literally assumes the characters she portrays, until she plays the part of a murderous psychopath.